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The first step in the preventative maintenance process is tracking your mileage and service intervals coupled with our multi-point inspections. Going over your vehicle from bumper to bumper, we check everything from fluids to tire pressure, from belts and hoses to brake lights and tire wear. Working with the inspection results , we compare your current needs with your vehicle maintenance schedule.

We create a plan that keeps your vehicle in top shape while staying within your budget. We can schedule your preventative maintenance visits, services and estimated costs so that you feel comfortable knowing what is going to happen with your car at each visit. We make it easy, clear and predictable to set and keep your appointments.

Scheduled Maintenance Benefits:

Reduces repair costs as the truck, auto or equipment age

Promotes performance reliability

Extends the useful life of existing vehicle

       Increases safety

Here at Express Mobile we are serious about automotive maintenance, diagnostics and repairs. That is why we have recently upgraded tour equipment to keep up with higher demand on car diagnostics and give us more coverage on all cars (foreign and domestics).

At Express, we only want the best for our customer, that’s why we update our tools and keep ourselves updated with the latest technology. Our proactive business philosophy keeps our customers vehicles reliable and reduces the chance of unexpected break downs.

Accurate and Complete Repairs

We handle a wide range of repairs starting with a complete and accurate diagnosis of the problem. An explanation of any repairs needed is given to you, plus the job estimate that includes any charges for parts and labor.


Cylinder Heads



Electrical Windows

Emergency Auto Repairs

Fuel Injection & Pumps

Mobile Auto Repairs

Radiators and Cooling Fans


Timing Belts



Water Pumps

Automotive Fleet Management

and other services

We Use ALLDATA systems for Factory-correct information for automotive fleet management, fleet maintenance, and repairs needs to be accomplished quickly - there is always another vehicle waiting.  That is why at AMA Repair we use ALLDATA which is the Single Source for automotive fleet management repair information. It provides up-to-date OEM information on over 20,000 engine-specific vehicles.

For the odd job we can't perform on the road - like engine replacements, we have a fully equipped shop.  * Not all services are listed. Please contact Express Mobile Service for more information of our services and pricing.


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