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       Express Mobile Service, we service everything from  Import and Domestic Auto’s, to Marine crafts, Motorcycles of all brands, Jet Skis, RVs and more.


If you don't want to take advantage of our full service mobile service, then wouldn't it be nice to bring all your vehicles, cycles, RV's and marine vehicles and get them serviced in one location? As for Mobility, we send our technicians to your home, office or other types of locations and perform on the spot diagnoses and repair. Faster service and Saving you time and money is key, in the future if we cant service it on the spot we will bring it to our shop at no charge.  We've had a unique mobile service for 10 years now and we hope to bring more available techs and  facilities to all areas of Jacksonville & surrounding areas. All this  to better service your Auto, Marine, Personal Watercraft, Motorcycles, Scooter, RVs, Custom, High performance vehicles. Our technicians are trained to service most of these types of vehicles. We service anything, even stuff others wont touch and if we cant, well find someone who can.

We also hope to bring our unique service around America. Starting with a multi-Use facility in 2016, this facility will house our full service shop,  indoor miniature golf as well as other venues.

We are committed providing excellent customer service to you, which means taking  excellent, personalized care of your vehicles. Our goal is to make sure that you can  depend on your vehicle, not to worry about it. At Express, we believe that your  vehicle’s main objective is serving you, doing what you want it to do, when you want it  to, and not controlling what you will be able to do. Our client base and reputation is  built around honest, reliable, and fair priced services.

Our customers depend on our mobile repair service to help them when their car,  motorcycles, skis and boats leave them stranded. These situations include when the  vehicle has trouble starting or running, or when something has come off the vehicle  making it not safe to drive. The best part of our mobile repair service is that it's backed  by our full-service warranty. Should the problem with your vehicle prove too hard to fix  at your location, we can have your car towed with your permission by a reliable towing  company to make the repairs at our shop.

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